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Beaton is the second town in the game. It consists of the Bus Station, a Sushi Bar, a Bacon Barn, a Pawn Shop, a Convenience Store, a Temporary Work Agency, the Vagrant Hope Foundation, a Warehouse, a Cafe with patio, a Detective Agency, a Union Clubhouse, a Dark Alley beneath the river overpass, the Bait Shop and Master Baiter area, the City Hall, and Larry's House.  There is also a dock area and a beach area.  'Day 1' in this listing refers to your first day in Beaton, whatever game day that occurs on.

Sleeping Areas[]

  • Larry's House - Unavailable after Anarchist Factory Encounter or Detective Encounter

Fishing shack- avalible if you help the strikers at the factory

  • Detective Agency - Requires Detective Encounter
  • Dark Alley - Requires being extorted for either $200 or sexual favors
  • Beach Tent


  • Available

Indie Figures Locations[]

  • Larry's House - Inside - Game system to the right of the tv
  • Trash can on east side of river just below the bridge overpass
  • Bushes on the left of the front of City Hall
  • City Hall - Lobby - Trash can all the way south behind the secretary's desk
  • City Hall - Courtyard - Statue in upper left - During Union Election, Anarchist Election, or Detective Investigation
  • City Hall - Server Room - Fire extinguisher just right of vents - During Union Election, Anarchist Election, or Detective Investigation
  • Bacon Burger - Inside - Middle of the Condiments table
  • Middle of wooden fence between Bait Shop and Master Baiter
  • Warehouse - Upstairs Bathroom - Trash can - During Union Factory Work
  • Warehouse - Main Floor - Box beneath the staircase - During Union Factory Work
  • Union Clubhouse - Inside - Cabinet on far right beneath the TV - Requires Union Factory Work
  • Detective Agency - Leftmost filing cabinet - Requires Detective Encounter

Day 1 Plot Opportunities[]

  • Arrive at Larry's
  • Shopping with Belinda
  • Vagrant Hope Foundation Encounter
  • Transgender Encounter
  • Dream Sequence #2

Day 2 Plot Opportunities[]

  • Union Factory Work
  • Anarchist Factory Encounter
  • Detective Encounter

Other Plot Opportunities[]

  • Fishing Kid
  • Union Election
  • Anarchist Election
  • Detective Investigation
  • Beaton Temp Employment - Garden Center
  • Beaton Temp Employment - Grow-Op
  • Election Results

Gambling Options[]

  • Cat Racing
  • Indie Figures
  • Lotto
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Sandwich Exchange

Means of Reaching Next Town[]