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A list of the items will be added to your inventory. You can do them in any order you wish. Every event will take one part of the day and most of them will be unavailable after morning, so you can do all of them in one day.

This will lead up to The Race event.

List of parts[]

Needed for Blessed Blue/Crimson Savior:

  • Tires - Daron at Big Dog Boxing Club
  • Cleaning Supplies - James by the old Gas Station
  • Transmission (Blessed Blue)/Suspension (Crimson Savior)- Grafton at the Trailer Park.


Head to the Big Dog Boxing Club in the morning. Daron is in the back, lifting.

Cleaning Supplies[]

You need to go talk to James at the SuperGas gas station. The details about this quest can be found under Drug Run.


By far the easiest part to get hold of.

Grafton will stand outside his trailer. Go talk to him and he will ask you to walk with him to the Pawn Shop. When you arrive he will ask you to get him a 10-pack of lottery tickets while he talks to Slick, the owner of the Pawn Shop.

Scratch all the cards and then listen to the conversation taking place. You can lie or tell the truth about the amount of winning tickets.

Going back to the trailer park, Grafton will loan you the transmitter for the race.