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City Hall Vents Map: Red - Weak Spot, Green - Wire Node, Made by CrinSai

This plot opportunity occurs in Beaton and requires the Detective Encounter have happened and ended with you in the detective's employ. It starts when you next speak to the detective in his office, such as after sleeping there.

In order to track down the corruption in the election, the detective wants to hack the city hall main server and retrieve the campaign contribution records. This plot opportunity has several parts.

First, like in the Union Election and the Anarchist Election, you are given the Personal Hacking Device and allowed to practice.

After completing your practice, and agreeing to go, the detective will take you to the City Hall - Courtyard area, and you are required to hack the security cameras. After confirming that you're going to go through with main server hack, you can take one of two paths. Either you can go through the vents to hack the main server, or you can dress as a guard and arrange a distraction for the detective who will go through the vents (this is not really much of an option. The detective would not let you dress as a guard and you have to go into the vents anyway). You also have the opportunity to back out, and abort the plot opportunity, by leaving.

There is an Indie Figure in the statue beside the entrance to the vents in the upper left of the Courtyard.

Going through the Vents[]

When you decide that you'll go in through the vents, the detective gives you 15 wireless spoofs, which can be placed on wire nodes on the way to give you 'extra lives' while hacking. You start with 10 lives. Any wireless spoofs you don't use, you can later sell in the pawn shop for $10 each. There are also weak spots in the vents, which you cannot cross more than once without falling through and 'failing' the plot opportunity. It is possible to trace a route through the vents which will allow you to place 13 spoofs before reaching the end.

After reaching the server room, there is an Indie Figure immediately to the right of the vent exit.

Hack the main console, and recover the campaign info.

When attempting to leave, someone else shows up to rig the election by hacking the main server, but does not prevent your leaving.

Upon entering the vents, you automatically fall through an invisible weak spot, and end up in the City Hall Guard Room. The guards immediately decide to KILL you, so you flee THROUGH the window to the street in front of the City Hall...and are not pursued.

Providing a Distraction[]

If you pick the option of wearing a uniform, he'll tell you that he was just giving you a choice to be nice. You end up doing the vents anyway.