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Time for the first dream sequence! It is set in San Verdano - Casey's House.

The four dream sequences in the game are one of the major ways in which the backstory for the Main Character (MC) is filled in. Whatever choices are made in the dream will become what 'Actually Happened' as far as the characters are concerned.

The first dream sequence has to do with what happened following Larry's party during The Game Intro. Specifically, the MC and their Love Interest (LI) are apparently staying at the LI's parent (Casey)'s house for awhile while waiting on the book contract that Larry promised. It begins with the MC waking up in the room they share with their LI.

The LI's 'Lucky Flashlight' can be found in an endtable next to the bed. It doesn't appear to serve any purpose, but a bug makes it possible to be taken into the MCs inventory out of the dream sequence.

The MC can find $20 under the typewriter in the room, that the LI left there for them. This money will not leave the dream sequence.

Upon leaving the bedroom, the LI calls the MC out onto the balcony. They reveal the fact to the player that the two characters have been staying with the LI's parent, and that only the LI is employed. The two have been waiting on the MC's book contract before moving together to Dubstown.

Speaking to the LI a second time will result in the LI wishing they didn't need to go in to work, revealing the existence of the $20 beneath the typewriter (left there so that the MC could order a pizza and wouldn't have to eat the parent's food again, which was apparently bothering the parent), and mentioning that the LI will be working long hours for the next while and likely wouldn't see too much of the MC. To make up for missing them, the LI gifts the MC with a gender-appropriate Naughty Poloroid, which the MC will get to take with them out of the Dream Sequence one way or another (unless the Lucky Flashlight bug occurs).

After that, repeated speaking to the LI will simply bring up various household chores, such as mowing the lawn and taking out the trash, that the LI would like the MC to do if possible.

Head inside, and then downstairs. The other two doors in the upstairs hallway do not currently lead anywhere other than to each other.

Downstairs, you will have a conversation with the LI's parent, Casey. Casey's gender is randomly determined each play through. The MC will have the opportunity to confess to having eaten Casey's leftovers yesterday ('No Idea...', 'I Ate Them', 'Your Kid Ate Them!', 'Didn't You Eat Them?'), and to give them a parting comment about Casey's going off to a military base to do research for some while ('You're Not Young Anymore!', 'It's dangerous!', 'I'll miss you!', '[The LI] will miss you!')

After Casey and the LI depart, the mail will be slipped under the front door. It consists of a pizza ad, and the book contract! But it's not all roses, and so the MC will call Larry to find out that...

Unfortunately, it would seem that while the MC and their best friend Sam had co-authored the book up to this point, the book contract from Larry is ONLY for the MC, and if the MC wants the contract, they will have to leave Sam out in the cold. Larry offers to go out with the MC for a drink once the contract is signed, which sounds ('Perfect!', 'Great', 'Good', 'Swell').

The MC has the chance to call Larry back for further details on the contract, call Sam (they won’t answer though), and call the LI to tell them the contract arrived and ask their opinion on what to do.

The MC can spend time wandering Casey's house, feeding and watching the fish, watching movies on tv, playing video games. They can also go out into the backyard. In the backyard, the MC can mow the lawn, or swim in the pool.

After spending awhile doing any of these activities, the MC will be tired, and be prompted to either review and sign the contract, or sleep. Sleeping will simply move the MC up to the bedroom, and resume the loop of activities.

The dream ends when you sign the contract. The player then moves on to Dubstown Day 2 Opening Sequence.