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This Dream Sequence picks up later on the same day as Dream Sequence #2.

The Main Character (MC) is in their college dorm room, working on the essay referenced from Dream Sequence #2, but has just broken their pencil.  Initially, the MC will search the dorm room, trying to find Sam's pencil so that they can keep working.  The MC comes across a variety of time wasting options are available in the room, such as comics, video games, etc.  The choice is available to let yourself be distracted, or focus on achieving your work.

Let yourself be Distracted[]

(OR) Focus on your Work[]

The MC's essay is completed!  They decide to head down to Professor McAllister's office to turn it in, which involves a trip via the elevator.  The other dorm rooms in the hall are inaccessible.

Once you’re off the elevator, the professor’s office is the last one at the end of the hall.  Inside, the MC realizes they forgot to staple the essay, and decides to search the office for one.  Approaching the door at the back of the office reveals Professor McAllister and the Astronomy Professor, Professor Radford in the middle of getting it on.  Both are rather flustered, but McAllister decides to smooth things out by grading the MC's essay immediately. 

This does not end well.  Professor McAllister accuses the MC of plagiarizing Sam's essay, claiming the two are dramatically similar.  Protests to the contrary fail, and McAllister leaves to get the paperwork to fail the MC out of the course.  Professor Radford says that McAllister might be able to be talked around but is still upset about being walked in on, and that she will intercede for the MC if the MC will do her a favor and assist one of her students, the Love Interest (LI) in getting photos of the comet from the bluff that evening.  The MC agrees.

Out on the Bluff, it may or may not be raining, and the LI has setup the equipment as best as they can, so there's not much for the MC and LI to do but sit together by the fire and watch the stars while waiting for the comet.  The choice is available to flirt with the LI during the discussion, followed by the choice of meeting the LI in a kiss as they lean in, or else to turn the MC's cheek.

Afterwards, Sam can be seen angrily walking away from the bluff, having witnessed whatever form the kiss took.

144 Ways to Fall in Love[]

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