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Dubstown is the starting town of the game. 

It consists of the Main Character's Apartment Building, the Vagabond Dogs Game Studio, a Bank, a Bar, a Grocery, a Temporary Work Agency, a Day Care, a Bus Station, an Arcade, a Pawn Shop, a Convenience Store, a Bacon Barn, an Ad Agency, a Hospital, the Rundown Apartments, a Newpaper, the Regal Apartments, a Crispy Creme, a Cookie Factory, the Phoenix Club, a Boarding House, and a Cinema.  There is also fountain area and a lake-side area.

Sleeping Areas

  • Your Apartment
  • Alley next to your Apartment
  • Boarding House - Requires Hailey Encounter, not available Day 1.


  • Available

Indie Figures Locations

  • Your Apartment Building - Floor 1 - Plant south of the Elevator
  • Your Apartment Building - Mrs Tewilager's Bathroom - Litterbox - Requires Mrs. Tewilager Morning Work
  • Green electrical meter on the building to the left of your apartment
  • Vagrant Dog Games - Indoors - Filing cabinet covered in post-its.
  • The box in the alley between the Bank and the Bar
  • Arcade - Inside - Trash can to the left of the main door.
  • Ad Agency - Behind the desk of the Ad Agency Boss
  • Hospital - Lobby - Black trashcan in upper left of right hand side.
  • Hospital - Viper/Darkeff's Room - Trashcan bottom left corner.
  • Pile of bottles on the sidewalk at left end of the Rundown Apartments
  • Newspaper - Behind the desk of the Newspaper Boss
  • Regal Apartments - Floor 1 - Plant left of the elevator
  • Regal Apartments - Floor 2 - Left box beside the apartment where someone is moving out.
  • Cookie Factory - Lockers on left hand side.
  • Boarding House - Lobby - Box in upper right corner
  • Boarding House - Hailey's Room - Lamp in upper right corner - Requires Hailey Encounter
  • Pile of tires to the right of the Boarding House
  • Corner of the row of bushes left of the driveway - During Arcade Encounter
  • Mansion - Indoors - Search the Supply Cabinet - During Friend in Trouble
  • Mansion - Outside - Leftmost plant behind car - During Friend in Trouble

Day 1 Plot Opportunities

Day 2 Plot Opportunities

Other Plot Opportunities

  • Bellinger
  • Jack
  • Vagabond Dogs Gaming Studio
  • Stray Dog
  • Arcade Encounter
  • Dubstown Temp Employment - Meat Plant Worker
  • Dubstown Temp Employment - Soy Plant Worker
  • DayCare Work
  • Friend in Trouble
  • Bartending - (REMOVED FROM GAME)

Gambling Options

  • Cat Racing
  • Indie Figures
  • Lotto
  • Sandwich Exchange

Means of Reaching Next Town

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