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During the opening sequence in Dubstown, the Main Character (MC) wakes up in their apartment. A year has gone by since the Game Intro, and the MC has apparently lost their Love Interest (LI), is six months overdue on fulfilling their book contract, and is a month overdue on their $500 apartment rent. You learn that your friend, local musician Darkeff, has lined up work for you at the Phoenix Club for the day, which is detailed under Phoenix Club Morning Work and Phoenix Club Afternoon Work.

You can find $1 in the cushions of the couch in the MC's apartment.

You can find 3 Pizza Pockets in the fridge in the MC's apartment. They each need to be microwaved for 2 minutes in the apartment microwave before they can be eaten, but once microwaved, remain edible permanently. You should go ahead and microwave them immediately.

When leaving the apartment, the MC will automatically pick up their apartment key and their bank card.  The bank card can be used at any ATM machine in the game to access the MC's bank account, which starts out with a balance of $13.

On the MC's way to the Apartment Building Lobby, you can speak with Mrs. Tewilager about some alternate potential work, which is detailed under Mrs. Tewilager Morning Work and Mrs. Tewilager Afternoon Encounter.

Be aware that once you reach the Apartment Building Lobby and attempt to leave that you will be unable to return to the MC's apartment unless you've paid the rent ($500), due to the Landlord evicting you and demanding your apartment key! Also be aware that an enormous additional fee is tacked on to your rent if you do not surrender the apartment key to the Landlord when he demands it, which raises your rent from $500 to $5000!

Due to the eviction, the MC is initially focused on trying to earn enough money before nightfall to regain their apartment so as to not be homeless, and forced to sleep on the streets.  The MC is expecting a check from their publisher in the mail, but this will not arrive until the morning of Day 2, as described in Dubstown Day 2 Opening Sequence.

It is left unstated as to why the MC won't ask Darkeff to provide the MC with temporary lodging, or why the MC can't turn to anyone else (family, etc) for a loan.

After leaving the apartment building, the MC has a mandatory encounter with Bellinger, and is then released to make their way in Dubstown.