Keadin [developer]:

There is no definitive "good" or "happy" ending. The story is the story, tainted with celebration and reflection and sadness equally.

What you find will be what you make of it.

Outcomes Edit

Based on your choices over the course of the game, the epilogue will change along these axis.

  • Who is the Hobo in the Intro
  • Does the Hobo survive
  • What happens with the Journal
  • What happens with the Love Interest

Neverending Epilogue Edit

Once the credits have rolled, depending on where things fell with each of the outcomes, the player can arrive at the Neverending Epilogue area of the game, which is once again Casey's House in San Verdano, but with a few different interaction options. There is no leaving this area once reached, and no further plot progression, just side-game interactions. It is intended to be symbolic of the fact that there are no fade-to-black 'happily-ever-after' endings in real life after major events, just the continuation of real life.