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Hailey is a character in a white dress who is waiting in line for Darkeff's concert, outside of the Phoenix Club during the morning and afternoon of Day 1 in Dubstown.  Upon speaking with her, she initially asks the Main Character what they think of her dress. 

If the MC is complimentary (or not), Hailey will go on to ask the MC if they would be willing to do her a favor.  Hailey wants to try some drugs she's heard about, called Happy Pills, that Dirty Don is selling from his 'Popcorn Stand' on the sidewalk near the Pawn Shop, but doesn't want to give up her place in line for the concert.  If the MC declines doing the favor, the plot opportunity ends, but is still available if the MC repeats the conversation.  If the MC agrees to do the favor, Hailey will give the MC $50 and a sealed envelope which will contain an introduction to Dirty Don to prove the MC isn't a cop. 

Pocket the money[]

The MC could at this point simply pocket the $50 and end the plot opportunity.

(OR) Do the drug run[]

After getting the introduction envelope from Hailey, speaking with Dirty Don and choosing the option 'Do you sell anything else?' will use the introduction.  Dirty Don will then offer the MC the genuine Happy Pills for $50, or the alternative of 'Eco-friendly Toxins' as knock-off pills for only $20.  The pills are strongly implied to not be safe for human consumption (what with the whole 'Toxins' part).

Go with the 'Eco-Friendly Toxins'[]

If the MC goes with the 'Eco-Friendly Toxins', they have the option of revealing that they didn't spend the whole $50 to Hailey and returning the extra $30, or of concealing that they still have the $30 change.  Hailey will be badly poisoned by the pills, and this lingers through the Phoenix Club Afternoon Work when she attends Darkeff's concert.

(OR) Go with the genuine 'Happy Pills'[]

If the MC goes with the genuine Happy Pills, Hailey will be ecstatically high as a kite, as well as frisky, and will offer her Boarding House Room Key to the MC, inviting them back to her place later that evening.  This key is the only way to gain access to a room in the Boarding House.  This mood will linger through the Phoenix Club Afternoon Work when she attends Darkeff's concert.  Afterwards, during the evening of Day 1, Hailey can be found in the Boarding House - Lobby area, but she'll be more than a bit nauseated as she comes down from the high and won't invite the MC in for that evening.  After Day 1, however, the MC can visit Hailey's room in the Boarding House and have an encouter with Hailey and her live-in boyfriend once Hailey's feeling better.

Hailey's room in the Boarding House will provide the MC with a new indoor sleeping area, an Indie Figure from the lamp to the right of the door, and the opportunity if desired to steal some of Hailey's money from the table beside the couch.