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Upon returning to the bedroom after speaking with Sam about Sam's Bachelor Party, the MC will find Casey in the room, and learn that Casey, mistakenly believing it to be the book manuscript the MC has been working on, has read the entirety of the MC's completed journal entries. 

Based upon the contents of those entries, Casey proceeds to confront the MC about their behavior, questioning whether or not the MC feels their actions in each questionable case were justified.  If the Protagonist has been especially bad, there is a maximum number of questions Casey can ask, and so it may be that they are not called out on absolutely everything questionable that they've done. 

Also, if the Protagonist avoided writing journal entries, then Casey will still call them out for any stealing that occurred, along with the events of the first mandatory journal entry.

Questionable Acts


  • Selling heroin to Darkeff
  • Not hiding the found heroin from Darkeff
  • Pickpocketing at the Phoenix coat check
  • Abandoning Darkeff or Viper in the hospital by leaving town without securing treatment for them
  • Blackmailing Dr. Bearenstein in exchange for free medical treatment
  • Selling Lady Bird to the Abandoned Cookie Factory guy
  • Not alerting anyone upon finding an empty box of ammunition in Jack's desk
  • Not investigating the story about the Sunny Movie Megaplex properly
  • Refusing to give Chance the SwagPass even after he offers you the money he robbed from his uncle and his money


  • Undermining the Anti-Union strike by taking the warehouse job
  • Breaking into the Beaton City Hall
  • Leaving the Warehouse job without doing any of the work
  • Kicking the satellite dish off of the warehouse roof
  • Ditching Red after one of the thugs defecate on his car
  • Rigging the Beaton mayoral election (You will be blamed for it even if you didn't do it yourself)
  • Refusing to contribute to the homeless shelter
  • Selling drugs to escape the homeless shelter

Salt City

  • Going to the Strip Club instead of Mark's sermon
  • Tampering with Stan's brakes (even if you didn't complete a journal entry that night)
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