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Los Vargas is the fifth town in the game, but this 'Town' consists only of one particular casino/hotel. Reaching this area always advances time to the second to last day of game time. When ready to advance to the final day, and move to the San Verdano Wedding Site, speak to the casino concierge and request car services.

Sleeping Areas[]

  • None


  • Not Available

Indie Figures Locations[]

  • Casino - Hotel Room - Bathroom - Trash can
  • Casino - Hotel Room - Countertop next to the refridgerator

Plot Opportunities[]

Gambling Opportunities[]

  • Blackjack
  • Cat Racing
  • Coin-Flipping
  • High Roller Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • $50 Slots
  • $100 Slots

Means of Reaching Next Town[]

  • Speak with Casino Conceirge and request Car Services