If you choose to skip the Phoenix Club Afternoon Work, you may go into Mrs. Tewilager's apartment in the afternoon which will prompt the Afternoon Encounter. Once you are inside, Mrs. Tewilager will greet you and invite you to the dinner table in which she will serve you salad, to the MC's dismay. There are 3 segments of this.

Appetizer Edit

During the appetizer, Mrs. Tewilager will unintentionally talk about MC's Love Interest (Li). Of course, the MC will first be very distant about it, as it had been a year when the MC and the LI have broken up and the MC appears to still have conflicted feelings about them. The MC can choose to change the subject at this point, or continue talking about LI when choosing the first option in the choices given. Changing the subject immediately will result in skipping over to the next meal.

Main Course Edit

In the Main Course, Mrs. Tewilager will enthuse about her husband who had passed away. You may choose to ask her about him by choosing the first option in the choices given, or you can continue eating, skipping the sequence.

Dessert Edit

It's time for ice cream! Mrs. Tewilager will thank you for coming over, and will now proceed to give you something as a gift. She presents to you a box which contain 3 baseball cards, all belonging to her late husband. She excuses herself as you look into the box. You are given the choice to take 1 card, 2 cards, 3 cards or none. It doesn't matter how many you take. Each will cost a whopping $75 dollars if sold at the Pawn Shop, so MC may take as many as you want.

After Edit

As the dinner comes to a close, Mrs. Tewilager will proceed to give you leftover stew. It will be evening of Day 1 as you leave the apartment.

If you have chosen to do Mrs. Tewilager's Morning work and kept her change, gotten her reward, and sold any baseball card(s) you have on hand, you will actually be able to pay your rent by the first day.