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In the hallway upon exit of the Main Character's (MC) apartment room, you will encounter a grey-haired old lady which you will be forced to talk to in order to leave the floor. She will engage you in conversation, and later you have the option to tell her [Sorry, I'm in a hurry] or [I know what you mean]. These do not affect anything, and soon another two choices will appear when she asks you if you would like to help her out: [I'll Think About It] and [Thank You]. Choosing the first option will let her make way for you to leave. Choosing the latter will start the job.

If you have chosen the first choice ([I'll Think About It]), you will have to head downstairs, encounter the Landlord, and go outside to be able to go back inside and go to her room to start the job. (If you would like to skip the Phoenix Club Morning work.)

In her room, you can immediately see a few items scattered around while Mrs. Tewilager proceeds to the kitchen area slicing vegetables. If you attempt to encounter the cat, it will run away from you in the opposite direction. You can also approach the fridge and find a sticky note on it that contains her PIN to her bank account. You may choose to take it or leave it, but you will have to retrieve it later anyways in a task Mrs. Tewilager will give you. If you go into the bathroom (door on the left in the north of the room), you can find an Indie figure in the litterbox immediately to the left. Talking to Mrs. Tewilager will initiate the plot opportunity. She will tell you to organize her bookshelves (found on the upper left of the room), fix the couch and go into her bedroom to organize some photos behind her bed. You can do this an any order.

To organize the shelves, simply touch the scattered items on the floor in front of the cabinets. You have a choice to look through each document after putting them back with no effect. To fix the couch, just pick up a pillow and put it on the couch. There are 2 pillows: One in front of the small desk next to the couch, and the other behind the couch. The cat may also be a disturbance. It might block the way and the only option would be if you wait or interact with it to make it run away. For the bedroom, head to the door on the right on the north side of the room. You will immediately see a few skewed portraits above the bed. Go to the south of the bed, choose to climb up, and adjust each photo. Once you're done, climb off the bed from where you climbed on, and fix the bed. Once you are finished with all of the tasks, you may speak with Mrs. Tewilager, who tell you about how happy Thomas will be. You are given two choices: [Who's Thomas?] and [What's next?]. Asking who Thomas is will trigger Mrs. Tewilager telling you that he is her husband and that today was his birthday. After, you are again given two choices: [What's next?] and [When's he coming?]. Asking when he [Thomas] is coming will let Teliwager tell you that he has passed away many years ago. Two choices will again show, asking your opinion about loved ones: [Best to let go] and [Best to hold on]. Neither will affect anything, and is only based solely on your own thoughts. Two more choices will appear, [Love never dies] and [Love comes and goes]. Next, Mrs. Teliwager will tell you to run to the store to buy supplies for her. You can immediately skip to this part if you will choose the choice [What's next?] in any of the choices given.

She will tell you that she will need Lamb meat, a small boquet of Tea Roses and a bottle of Classic club rye which will be written on a Grocery List that she will give you. After, she will give you her Bank card, and tells you that you will have to take her PIN which is located on the fridge in a sticky note, telling you that there should be enough money for everything. Two choices will appear again: [I'll be back soon] and [Are you sure?]. Neither will affect anything, so choose either.

Upon opening her bank account, there will be $367. You may withdraw the entire amount, if you want. Bear in mind, though, that buying everything Mrs. Tewilager needs will only cost $50 dollars. This will leave you with $317 dollars on its own. When you return to Mrs. Tewilager's place, you will have two options upon interacting with her: [Nope, that's it] and [Oh, your change]. Choosing the latter option will prompt MC to return the $317 dollars. Two more options will appear, after this dialogue: [So What's Next?] and [Like your card!]. Choosing the latter will prompt MC to return the bank card. If the latter choices are not chosen, and MC chooses to keep the money and her card, the scene will continue with Mrs. Teliwager asking for you to do 2 tasks. She asks if you could place the Lamb Meat in the stew and put the tea roses in a small vase on the dining table.

Putting the Lamb Meat in the stew will have MC facing upwards in the stove and interacting with it. This will initiate a conversation with Mrs. Teliwager. She tells you that her stew was made with a secret recipe, opening two choices: [Sounds Neat!] and [Where'd you learn it?]. Choosing the first choice will have the MC immediately throw the Lamb Meat into the stew and ending the task. Choosing the latter will make MC ask Mrs. Tewilager ask where she learned the recipe. She reveals a backstory about how her husband's mother had made the stew all the time. She tells the player that she had been the only woman that her husband has known that could completely recreate the stew, as a result of her efforts. After this dialogue, MC will toss the Lamb Meat into the stew. To place the Tea Roses in the vase, go to the north side of the center of the dining table and interact with it. This will have MC arranging the flowers and asking for Mrs. Teliwager's opinion on it, saying that it is just how she remembered it. Two choices will appear: [Glad to hear it!] and [Are they special?]. Choosing the latter will reveal how Mrs. Teliwager's husband had always bought Tea Roses for her when they were dating. Choosing [Glad to hear it!] will end the task. After the two tasks have been finished, talking to Mrs. Teliwager will end the task. She will thank you and give you $75 as a reward for your hard work. Two choices will appear when you receive your pay: [I appreciate this] and [I still need more]. When you ask for more, Mrs. Teliwager will apologize and say that she lacks money, prompting another two choices: [I'll manage] and [Your bank card!]. If you still have her bank card, you will have to give it back. If you don't have her bank card, she will apologize and tell you that she is hardly getting by herself. You will then remind her of the Classic Club Rye. She says that she has forgotten, and tells you if you would want to drink it with her. Two choices will appear again, and choosing either will not really change anything. After, she asks if you would like to have dinner with her.

You will be able to leave after the dialogue. It will be afternoon, now, and you will have the choice to go back through the door and have dinner with Mrs. Teliwager, or go to The Phoenix and help Darkeff out.

This will be more profitable than the Phoenix Club Morning work, if you have chosen to keep the Bank Card and the money in it which gets gradually deposited into automatically. (Unconfirmed if it actually gets money deposited into it from pension, which Mrs. Tewilager claims it does)