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Entering the Phoenix Club on the afternoon of Day 1 in Dubstown and agreeing to work allows the Main Character (MC) to work coat check during Darkeff's concert. The MC will earn money in tips from the eight customers over the course of the evening by doing the following:

Being polite/cheerful when greeting customers. Retrieving their coat in one try.

When greeting a customer to take their coat, the MC will be given two dialogue options each time, unique to the customer. One is clearly polite/cheerful, while the other is not. Choosing the polite/cheerful option will increase the size of the tip received at the end of the night. This does not apply when the MC's landlord shows up (no greeting options are given) when the hobo shows up (options are 'I...Uh...' and 'What??') or when the undercover cop shows up (both options are 'Are you a cop?')

If during the Hailey plot opportunity the MC simply pocketed the $50 and walked away, or purchased pills but didn't deliver them, Hailey will confront the MC and threaten to tell the management that they're a thief if they don't return the money. The MC will have the option of returning the money, or denying they even know Hailey (which has no repercussions beyond counting as not having chosen the polite/cheerful greeting).

After taking a customer's coat, the MC will need to hang up the coat on one of the four racks in the coat check space. Each rack can hold two coats.

Immediately after hanging up a coat, and occasionally after returning a coat, there is a brief opportunity to pickpocket once per coat before another customer appears. This will give between $9 - $25 randomly per pickpocketing attempt. If the MC doesn't pickpocket each coat during these brief windows, the chance is lost.

When a customer returns, retrieving the coat from the racks on the first try, as opposed to having to check multiple racks to find it, will also increase the size of the tip (UNCONFIRMED).

Upon returning for his coat, the hobo will give the MC a sandwich.

At the end of the evening, the MC will receive between $40 - $80 in tips based on performance.

After working coat check, the MC is able to attend the concert. If the MC goes up on stage, it is possible to collect $20 from one of the musicians who owed the MC money. It is also possible to collect the crowbar from the men's restroom if it was not obtained during Phoenix Club Morning Work, which can still be sold at the pawn shop for $37 and has no other use (it is just a half life reference).

All together, the MC should earn between $60 and $200 for this plot opportunity.

After leaving the club, time will advance to the evening of Day 1. If the MC has not gathered enough money to pay off their landlord, and regain their apartment to sleep in, they can try one of the available gambling methods in Dubstown in order to do so. Otherwise, they will be forced to sleep on a mattress in the alley to the left of their apartment building. Wherever they sleep, the MC will experience Dream Sequence 1