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Darkeff's note from under your door in the Dubstown Opening Sequence says that he has work for you on Day 1 in Dubstown at the Phoenix club. Specifically, Darkeff needs work setting up the equipment for his concert to be held that evening. Choosing to enter the club during the morning does not commit the MC to the Phoenix Club Morning Work plot opportunity until the MC begins work setting up the equipment for Darkeff.

Upon entering the club, the Main Character (MC) is confronted by the bouncer.

Mouthing off to the bouncer can result in the MC being knocked briefly unconscious.

Darkeff is waiting in the main club area to the left, along with 5 boxes of band equipment. From left to right top to bottom the boxes contain: Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Guitar, Microphone

A crowbar can be found in the men's bathroom, further to the left. This crowbar can be used to __________

Upon speaking with Darkeff, the player learns several things. That Darkeff is recovering from drug addiction, having quit not too long ago, and that he has recently broken up with Viper, who is still a junkie. Choosing to be supportive gives the MC additional dialog options, of whether or not Darkeff really needs drugs for his music to be good.

The proper setup for the band equipment, from left to right top to bottom consists of: Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Microphone, Bass.

After setting up the third piece of band equipment, Viper will show up, claiming that she's looking out for Darkeff, who she knows will be nervous about performing while not high. She's brought him a dose of heroin, and claims that she's just providing Darkeff with the choice of using it or not. If the MC reacts with outrage, Viper will throw the heroin at them, leaving it laying on the floor. If the MC agrees that Darkeff needs to shoot up in order to perform well, Viper will simply hand the heroin over, and it will end up in the MC's inventory.

Once the equipment is fully setup, Darkeff will return to inspect it. Depending on how correctly the MC setup the equipment, Darkeff will pay $0, $25, $50, $75, or $100--$25 for each correct placement up to the maximum payout. If the MC didn't pick up the heroin before this, adding it to their inventory, Darkeff will come across it while inspecting the band equipment setup, and will take it.

If the MC has the heroin, during the inspection conversation, the MC can present the heroin to Darkeff by choosing the options: Yes, Viper came by to see you Yes, she left something for you

At this point, the MC can hand over the heroin for free, demand Darkeff PAY for the heroin for $150 (at which point Darkeff feels he MUST use it since he paid for it), or refuse to hand it over to keep Darkeff on the path of recovery. The MC can also refuse to hand it over after demanding Darkeff pay for it, but will not receive the $150 in that case.

If the MC does not hand the heroin over, it is possible to dispose of it in either the mens or womens restrooms in the Phoenix club by flushing or pitching it. There is no means of disposal outside the Phoenix Club restrooms, no later means of selling it, and no further interaction with the heroin if it remains in the MC's inventory.

Simiarly, it is possible to get a followup scene where the MC can further reassure Darkeff (or overhear that he's going to use the heroin) in the men's washroom.

Leaving the Phoenix Club will advance time to Day 1 Afternoon. At that point, the user may re-enter the club to move on to Phoenix Club Afternoon Work, or return to the apartment building for Mrs Tewilager Afternoon Encounter