When first arriving in Beaton, it is possible to have a three-part series of encounters with a character.

First EncounterEdit

The first encounter is triggered by entering City Hall on Day 1 in Beaton.  A character is attempting to deal with the City Hall secretary to get some forms dealt with, as apparently there're more forms needed than just the ones that had already been dealt with.  The MC can commisserate with the character waiting about beaurocracy. Then, the secretary says that gender info can be swapped on the forms now being handed over.

Second EncounterEdit

The second encounter finds the character in line at the convenience store next to the temporary work agency.

Third EncounterEdit

The character can be encountered for the third time on the patio of the cafe near the beach, during the evening.  At this point, a longer discussion ensues, in which gender identity is discussed, as well as how quickly should gender identity come up when meeting someone new.  The MC actually has the option to respond that the MC is transgender, or that the LI is transgender, as well as two generic options ("I'm fine with it" or "that's gross").